Welcome to CalGenie

The main software application of Mojave Bay Corporation is CalGenie. The CalGenie web application helps you create your own personalized wall calendar. You can customize each day of the year … all 365 days. You can even add multiple events to each day. You can have up to four events to each and every day of the year.

In addition to customizing the 365 days of the year, you also get to add a personalized big picture for each month of the year.

Other calendar programs allow you to select your own pictures for the 12 big pictures, but only CalGenie allows you to customize each and every day of the year. The events you can create for each day include:
  • Birthday
  • Personal Event
  • Holiday
  • Historical Event
  • Sober Event (for AA birthdays)
In addition, with the CalGenie web application, you can select which nation's holidays you want to include in your calendar:
  • USA Holidays
  • Easter events
  • Jewish Holidays
  • Full moons
  • British Holidays
  • German Holidays
For birthdays and anniversaries, CalGenie will automatically compute the age for each person or event. And the best thing about it is … when you change your calendar for next year, all of the ages and anniversaries will be automatically computed for the coming year. The only thing you have to change is the year!!!

Of course, that won't be the only thing you will WANT to change. Year after year, as your friends and relatives get older, you will want to update their pictures to more recent versions. It is easy to capture pictures from Facebook and use these pictures on your own customized calendar.

Another great feature is you get to change the 12 monthly big pictures to whatever you want … vacations you have taken … vacations you want to take … family events from previous years … historical events past, present and future! With CalGenie, you can change the pictures to whatever you want. You have total control!

Once you have created your masterpiece calendar, use the button on the calendar page to create a PDF file that you can either print yourself or use one of the online printing services to print your customized calendar. We have had great success using OfficeMax, but you can use whatever printing company you like.

Begin your calendar creation experience by registering (or logging in) here.